Wooden Furnishings

Solid wood is selected for worktops in domestic kitchens. These selected hardwoods need a skilled craftsman to make true high-quality finger-jointed worktops. Only the finest of timbers should be used in worktop production using 20mm staves. They should be pre-sanded, individually boxed and supplied with fixing instructions and a comprehensive care instruction leaflet. Taking care of the installed worktop is essential. Prior to fixing any solid wood is prone to humidity and to ensure they become and remain impervious to water they must be allowed to expand and contract when installed. At least 3 coats of Danish oil on all sides with additional extra coats on edges prior to installation. If cutoffs for taps or hobs are made or panels trimmed on-site, these exposed surfaces should be coated with a fully waterproof resin glue. All the care instructions must be carried out to ensure that the beautiful worktop stays exactly that!

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