Mediteranean Style

Ahh this grim weather going on and on for days and weeks. It is quite wearying and makes you want to move on out to somewhere warm and sunny. I was thinking that very thing a few days ago and decided to chat with my chum who lives in just such a place. She and I talk for ages about such things as decor and gardens. In fact, she was telling me a tale about not being able to find some suitable soft furnishings for her sitting-room – she has decided to update her surroundings. Homes over there are quite different of course – stone houses tend to retain the cool of the night when it’s very hot weather but also the cool of the night when it’s winter and she needed some classy ‘throws’ to warm the place up and keep her from freezing in the evening. It’s difficult to find any such things in the local shops – there are much old fashioned greek and Turkish shops with their own type of wares but even these are only made for summer weight. She needs a couple of our truly remarkable online sites that deal with decor and furnishings. Also, a couple to deal with gardens and everything about personal dressing and other opportunities. . . .

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