Basic to Bijoux

I have been taking care of a very much older lady lately – she was widowed this summer after many years of marriage but the last twenty marred by her husband’s illness. As I’ve got to know her more, I’ve had opportunities to visit her house and take in the exquisite furniture and effects – it’s more akin to a boutique hotel than a family house. To give an example – where I have one large table lamp, complete with a possibly oversized ornate silk shade with matching tassels, in her similar sized room, she has 3 large table lamps with matching shades, plus very attractive mini chandeliers which really do spread the light and sparkle. Mind you, her cleaning lady does a splendid job every week cleaning everything! These additional touches do make her home so much more inviting and I have made many a note. Her windows have fantastically expensive-looking permitted drapes too. So luxurious. And very classy!

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